Scientific Games congratulates Maryland Lottery as sales top $2 Billion for first time

The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency (MLGCA) has received congratulations from leading provider of gambling products and services, Scientific Games Corporation (NASDAQ: SGMS). The agency’s total Fiscal Year 2018 sales saw a swell of 5.8 percent from the same time last year, with sales exceeding $2.043 billion.

According to the official press release (pdf)…

A historic year, the Maryland Lottery surpassed annual sales of $2 billion for the first time. The Lottery’s record-breaking year of profits saw contributions totaling $575.6 million go to support good causes in the Mid-Atlantic state including education, public safety and health, the environment, veterans’ organizations, the horse racing industry in the state and more.

Scientific Games congratulates Maryland Lottery as sales top $2 Billion for first time

Driving value and profit:

The Las Vegas-based company went “live” in April with the Maryland Lottery’s brand-new, advanced gaming system, providing service to the Lottery and its network of upwards of 4,500 retailers. Under the terms of an eight-year contract with the MLGCA, Scientific Games is providing a cutting-edge portfolio of interactive games, draw and monitor games and an array of advanced technologies to drive profit and value for the Lottery.

Included is its SciTrak™ instant game management system, as well as its gem | Intelligence and gem | Retailer™ suite of real-time retail and business intelligence. SciTrak is used by the top yielding global lotteries as it integrates game, system and market data to ensure that retailers are sent the proper inventory.  The gem | Suite, meanwhile, helps the sales team of the Maryland Lottery make improvements to productivity and merchandising and increase sales of new instant games.

Best-ever sales record:

Only behind Keno in world sales of monitor games, virtual horse-racing game, Racetrax, also realized a best-ever sales record of $192.6 million. Maryland players were awarded a record $1.247 billion in prizes, an increase of 4.2 percent from Fiscal Year 2017, with the state’s Lottery retailers being paid a record $153.7 million in commissions. Additionally, the Lottery also beat its previous fiscal year record for scratch-off/instant game sales with $750.9 million.

Gordon Medencia (pictured headline), Gaming Director for the Maryland Lottery, said…

“We value our partnership with Scientific Games. With SG’s new system in place, we believe our players will not only appreciate the fun and excitement of the games, but also the convenience that the new technology brings. I am confident that, together, we can help drive Lottery profits, which will benefit the good causes of the state.”

Sales per capita:

La Fleur’s Almanac, a trade lottery publication, currently ranks the Maryland Lottery as No. 5 in the world for numbers game sales per capita, as well as one of the Top 15 lotteries in the world for total sales per capita. Via Scientific, the Lottery is provided with instant games, systems, licensed properties and the popular loyalty program, My Lottery Rewards.

Group Chief Executive, Lottery, Scientific Games, Jim Kennedy, congratulated the MLGCA on their record-breaking year, saying…

It’s exciting to see our customer achieve record-breaking results while we migrated them to our latest platforms and products. Scientific Games has invested in innovative products, games, technology and analytics to both entertain players and increase the Lottery’s profits. We take great pride in the growth and successes of our lottery customers and their contributions to important causes in their states.”

Since its inception in 1973, more than $25.6 billion in prizes has been awarded to Lottery players by Maryland Lottery and Gaming and more than $16 billion in Lottery revenue has been awarded to the State of Maryland, according to La Fleur’s.


仮想カジノでプレイすることは、今日では有名なギャンブル活動のリストに含まれています。 攻略法やヒント、各種入手方法などを掲載。 プレーを通して楽しさ、楽しさ、興奮、そして負けた時の逆の悲しみを受け取りました。 カジノの儲けには負けもあり、チャンスは信じられないほどあなたに不利に積み重なっています。 そんな時は自分を憐れむべき時です。

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ギャンブルに本当にハマり始めていることに気付いたら 、おそらく助けが必要になるかもしれません。 あなたのコミュニティには、特にギャンブル依存症に取り組む組織や共有グループが必要です。そうすれば、悪い習慣と付き合うための助けが見つかるでしょう。 予防が最良の治療法になり得ることを理解してください。 依存症、ギャンブル依存症は治療可能であることを確認し、家族、友人、さらにはコミュニティ内の専門家グループの助けを得ることで、実際に自分だけで助けることができるオプションを確認します。

入金不要ボーナスはオンラインカジノの特典です。 事実上お金はまったく必要ありません。 通常、アカウントを開くときに、ギタリストに追加のインセンティブを与えるために、ボリュームを追加するだけです。 通常は 10 ドルです。

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しかし、オンライン カジノを通じて楽しむ学習の興奮に囚われることはありません。 オンラインでプレイする際の安全対策として 1 つまたは 2 つの要件を検討します。 これらのいくつかのヒントは、きっとあなたにとって大きな助けとなるでしょう。

Pocket Fruity は人々を大切にしています。 これは、お客様の情報が最高レベルのセキュリティで保護され、特にお客様の明示的な承認なしに第三者に提供されることは決してないことを保証することを意味します。 Pocket Fruity は、主要なクレジット カード、ATM カード、PayPoint などの安全かつ確実な支払い方法を受け入れます。 あなたの便宜のために、支払いに所有するか、定期的に支払うかにかかわらず、モバイルで実際に操作を選択してください。 カスタマー サポートには、ライブ チャット、電話、電子メール、郵便、またはカジノのソーシャル Web サイト (Facebook、Twitter、YouTube、フルーティー ブログ) を通じてご連絡ください。 sources from

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