Chemical Peel – Revealing a More Youthful Skin

Filtered tap water protects against chemicals found in tap water is a known fact that is taken for granted. But just how many chemicals are in our water supply that we need protecting from?

There have been so many environmental issues relating to the risk of drinking water straight from the tap that sometimes it is hard to know what research is actually telling the truth.

It is pretty safe to say that depending on where you live will depend on the number of chemicals found in tap water that you are likely to receive and if you live in heavily populated areas, like major cities, then potentially the more chemicals you will find. Therefore the greater the need is to use filtered tap water to ensure its safety.

Some of the chemicals that are found in tap water include chlorine, aluminum, hard metals such as mercury & lead and of course residues of pesticides, herbicides and traces of drugs.

In addition THMs are also often present. This is particularly nasty as it can put a person at twice the risk of developing cancer. THM’s are a toxic by product that comes about through cleaning the water by adding chlorine. When the chlorine mixes with the bacteria already in the water a chemical reaction causes THM.’s

I recently watched a short video showing particles that had been found in normal tap water. After passing an electrode through it came up with not only nasty chemicals but residues of toilet paper and tampons.

So to ensure that your water is safe to drink, do as I have done and invest in a home filtration and purification unit. The unit I have has multiple filters and is able to filter out the water contaminants to almost 100%. The other benefit that comes with my system is that it leaves all the health giving minerals still intact.

Chemical Peel – Revealing a More Youthful Skin