2019 Air Jordan 19 Reappearance, Appreciation in kind, do you expect it?

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A blink of an eye has been 11 years! It has been 11 years since Air Jordan 19 was released! In 2019, Air Jordan 19 will come again. Perhaps everyone's impression of Air Jordan 19 is not so profound, but it is actually a rare boutique!









With Jordan's retirement, the Air Jordan 18 became Jordan's last boot. The Air Jordan 19 became particularly important. The Jordan Brand team launched this exquisite material and technology in 1 year after Jordan retired. Flagship shoes shine.








Air Jordan 19 uses a large area of patent leather with the Air Jordan 11 as a toe cap material, and a large amount of leather is also used in other parts.








To compensate for the lack of breathability, Air Jordan 19 added Tech Flex woven material to the tongue to enhance breathability.









And in the configuration of technology, Air Jordan 19 continued the 18th generation of the channel configuration, the whole palm Zoom with the Air-Sole brings the feeling of cushioning.








However, in the first year after Jordan retired, this Air Jordan 19 did not cause many repercussions, but the avant-garde design and excellent configuration still exist. It seems that this is still an extremely exquisite work.








At present, it seems that the Air Jordan 19 that is about to be re-engraved hasn't exposed the physical picture yet, but the rumours will be named “Elemental Gold”. In this case, it seems that it will still be a luxury black gold combination.



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