When Air Jordan VI met with fireworks, a new batch of "CNY" has arrived!

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Since the pioneers invented the gunpowder, Skyfire has become synonymous with "festival." In a rich life, the festive atmosphere is not as good as it is today. Fireworks also become the best props to distinguish between festivals and everyday life. Fireworks represent a happy life, a happy mood, and also represent the good wishes of the new year.








This year, gorgeous fireworks became one of the protagonists of Nike's "CNY Pack." This time, we brought everyone Air Jordan VI "CNY".








Unlike other Air Jordan VIs, the Air Jordan VI "CNY" is packaged in a "box-separated" black gold shoebox and is packaged in a double-layer moisture-proof paper to show Jordan Brand's emphasis on the series.








Air Jordan VI "CNY" pairs of shoes with black gold color, digital printing fireworks theme highlights the theme. The red and yellow colors form the "sky fireworks" pattern of the entire shoe body, making the shoes full of festive atmosphere. At the same time, embroidered on the background of the fireworks in 2018 New Year's Day, the theme of flower fireworks patterns such as peony, highlights the texture of the shoes.









In addition to the beautiful pattern part, the overall material of Air Jordan VI "CNY" can be said to be very difficult. The pattern part uses plastic texture engineering fabrics for long-term preservation of digital printing, while the solid color part uses the very warm suede material. In addition, the 3M reflective material visible in the pores and the black gold high-quality visual quality of the shoes are the “extra points” for this pair of shoes.









In addition to the Air Jordan VI "CNY" which is very suitable for everyday wear, the Jordan brand also launched Air Jordan 32 "CNY" in the same period. On the field, actual combat and leisure and off-site activities are enough to allow you to enjoy the colors that match the happy Chinese colors.



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