Latest Jordan CP3X AE combat evaluation, you deserve to have

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1. Still invincible sole



These lines are exactly the same as CP3X. They are small, linear waves. Zoom Air's shape can also be touched by the forefoot. Therefore, in the near future, my basketball bag will definitely have a pair of CP3X AE or Zoom Live, so as to avoid poor grip on the shoes in the test, the shoes can be replaced!





Marking the XDR outsole also makes the CP3X AE very wear-resistant. In addition to the strong grip on the outsole, I can feel the toughness of the rubber when rubbing it compared to crazy explosives with good grip. But the nickname "Eraser" made him harder to wear than the CP3X AE.



▼Sole is almost the same as CP3X






2. Progressive buffering



The AE version did not know because the participants were stepped on many times and felt a significant improvement in the zygomatic area of the Zoom Air and the forefoot. Although they are not as good as Q bombs, they can feel it. The feeling of feedback is hard, this is much better than CP3X, it is a plus!



▼ There is good progress before and after the cushion, it is worth watching!





3. The coverage is still very good



The upper material seems to have been replaced by the official weave of the CP3X Flyweave upper, which may be stronger and more durable in actual combat. Although there is no design for a TPU shoe cage, Flywire's ultra-tight shoelace system can maximize the uppers and soles, and since there is no shoe cage, it seems to make shoes better than the CP3X. The more important thing is to improve your nose with your thumb. Of course, these basic configurations, such as followed by TPU, have reservations, and the protection of the entire pair of shoes is still in place.



CP3X AE still maintains a very good coverage




CP3X AE frankly once again shocked me. Before the CP3X, I did not expect to wait. I did not expect to perform very well. The grip and texture of the grip were superior. Only the cushioning was slightly worse. Although the CP3X AE had fewer shoe cages, its supportability did not decline too much. The coating was still very good. The grip was still very good. The cushioning of the CP3X AE had also been improved, and the pricing was down by RMB 100. Also, let him become my favorite shoes recently.



4.Over All



About a whole period of May CP3X AE was placed in my basketball bag, in case of need, if the test shoes on the grip are not good I will change him, short-term to replace my Zoom Live. The CP3X AE has the better texture than Zoom Live. Needless to say, the price is not the same and grip is comparable, but the coverage is better than Zoom Live, and the protection is also slightly better!


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