Jordan CP3 11 - Shining the audience "Paul" basketball shoes - Actual assessment

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Today we have Jordan CP3 11








  • Static assessment​



The CP3 11 uses a relatively simple design. On the shoe body, the upper is divided into a front leather upper, an intermediate engineering mesh and a heel leather upper. The middle part of the grid has built-in half-free support bars, which can restore the CP3 X's lace system to a large extent. It can tighten the footwell and it also provides support and straps.









In the midsole, shoes use a more basic front-to-back partitioning zoom. The midsole material is just plain Phylon, and the soft bullets are not that high. The herringbone pattern is used on the outsole of the shoe, and the addition of the transverse pattern is not obvious.









The CP3 11 does not have a lot of obvious player details on the shoe. In addition to the tongue and large logo designs, there are not too many details to add in the inner sole pattern and the insole pattern. In general, the sneakers are very simple. If your heels don't have tongues and logos, you might even think that this is just a pair of shoes.







However, regardless of performance, the most important thing is the actual performance of the shoes! Did we surprise us with this new Paul's combat shoes?









  • Dynamic assessment


  1. Suitable for breakthrough cushioning



For defense players, especially those who are short but deformed and breakthrough, the feedback performance (or field sense) of the shoes is often greater than the buffer. The CP3 11 with zone zoom function performed well on feedback and provided a timely response at rest, but did not feel too blunt at takeoff. Although not as good as Kobe's a.d Mid's "beginning to buffer perfect balance", overall it is still very good.









  1. Stability ensures perfect protection



Although Flyknit does not appear in shoes, the blessing of dynamic support also allows the trainer to provide enough support while providing sufficient support. This is considered to be a "required performance" of defenders. At the same time, the strap design of the diagonal sports shoes also helps stabilize the lateral movement of the feet.








In addition, whether the shoe's heel hardness improves the stability of the heel or the hardness of the midsole sandwich material combined with the excellent torsion resistance of the midsole TPU, can guarantee the stability of the shoes in actual combat. In terms of stability, CP311 has indeed reached a very good level, which is very gratifying.





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