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JORDAN FLY LOCKDOWN is Jordan's outstanding first-a-half actual combat shoes. These shoes have a great appearance, extraordinary texture, and excellent actual combat performance.




JORDAN FLY LOCKDOWN combat assessment








Lockdown performed well on the wooden floor because the sole itself was a classic fishbone pattern and it was also a Nike XDR wearable outsole, so the Lockdown performance was reassuring in terms of grip and wear.




Also combined with the emergency stop screen, we look at the dynamic package performance of the shoes.








Lockdown shoe upper during the emergency stop, because the thickness of the tongue is still relatively moderate, so even in the vicinity of the ankle has been a lot of force, but the deformation is still very small, now whether it is an international brand or domestic forces, half palm boots is already The minimum standard for basketball shoes. With the binding of the shoelace part, the shoe upper and the instep fit together, but the deformation of the upper part of the forefoot is larger.









As the most important anti-twist function of basketball shoe protection, Lockdown is quite satisfactory. The built-in TPU anti-twisting tray is not luxurious with carbon plates, but it can keep the midsole of the shoe's stable during the change of direction or emergency stop. The deformation of the shoes is within a reasonable range.




An upturned rubber tail was added to the upper part of the heel, increasing its sense of speed.









In terms of face value alone, Lockdown already has the feeling of a signature shoe. In terms of workmanship, the good texture of the braided outer upper is protected by a hot-melt film.



The sponge padding at the back of the ankle allows this low-cut sneaker to better lock the wearer's Achilles tendon. Lockdown achieves a good functional design in the highly competitive field of low-end sneakers.



Jordan FLY LOCKDOWN worth buying





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