Half God ---- Air Jordan 11 Low Assessment

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I prepared a photo of my favorite Air Jordan 11 Low.



Every action and every game of Michael Jordan is a classic. In this person, we witnessed the contest between will and basketball. He will always be the winner of the will, will never succumb to basketball. Basketball must obey the will of Michael Jordan. This is the essence of "flying man", so no one can become his opponent.








With regard to the deity of Jordan, each of us is afraid of our hearts. Due to my recent contact with basketball shoes, Air Jordan 11 is actually the beginning of my true impression of Jordan shoes. This makes me feel especially this pair of shoes. obsessed








If every pair of shoes has its own soul, the numbers I admire in this innumerable shoe will undoubtedly become the soul of Air Jordan XI. If every basketball player has its own uniqueness, Jordan's uniqueness among all basketball players lies in his greatness. Among many outstanding basketball players, Jordan is like a god on the ground; on basketball shoes, Air Jordan XI is like a crown jewel.







Air Jordan 11 Low is the first year in its class. In fact, it is also faithful to the design of the first year. It is important to know that in the era when LBJ and ZK no longer use carbon panels, the price of AJ 11 Low is not high. Shoes also use high-quality leather and large-scale carbon fiber sheets and have always been very touching. The same sole as the Air Jordan 11 is the sexiest part of the pair.








One of my personal favorite angles, Air Jordan 11's lines are the most attractive






Tiny crystal toe design is now rare







There is also a very attractive route inside







The most exquisite outsole







The Jumpman logo represents the soul of Air Jordan. The black part below is also a carbon disk.




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