Evaluation of Jordan CP3.VIII AE ---- Captain's New Sails

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Full upgrade only for playoffs


The NBA playoffs are very intense, especially in the west. The Los Angeles Clippers have a good record this season. Captain Paul's performance was impressive. To help Paul better cope with the challenges, Jordan Brand upgraded his signature shoe and launched the Jordan CP3.VIII AE. Compared to the regular season regular season, the playoffs guide has undergone a fairly comprehensive upgrade. Both the upper and the midsole have undergone major changes. Performance geometry allows us to talk to actual combat.






Speed is king



Jordan CP3.VIII AE is the king of speed. The entire shoe has undergone a lot of weight loss. It is really light during actual wear. In addition, the upper is softer than the original and the inner boots are comfortable. Compared with previous work, there is no obvious change in the sense of foot. The elasticity of the midsole is mainly concentrated in the forefoot, and the feeling of other positions is relatively flat. The forefoot of the upper is relatively wide, and the position of the arch is not significantly tightened, making it easier for Asians to choose the sole.






New composite upper for ventilation and protection


The upper was changed from the original fabric to the composite mesh fabric and reinforced with a partial foam pad to combine the breathable comfort of the mesh fabric with excellent protection. In addition to the material changes, the original four flight mesh belts on the upper increased to five, covering the oversized areas from the toes to the ankles. With the last lace hole, the quality of the packaging steadily increased. In addition, the conventional split tongue and inner boots are integrated together, and the overall upper is more sturdy and easier to wear. During the test, Jordan CP3.VIII AE feels good and can quickly turn to grab his feet. The whole test is not boring. I believe this is also a good choice for the upcoming summer.






Improved foam midsole excellent stability and responsiveness

A simplified version of the Jordan CP3.VIII uses a plastic protective film around the midsole, while the AE version uses a lighter foam. Although the visual effects are not as beautiful as before, stability and durability have been improved. Other technologies continued the old version, including the direct charge for Phylon and forefoot Zoom Air air cushions. In the tests, the middle of CP3.VIII AE in Jordan showed an excellent response rate. The efficiency at startup is very high and each acceleration is faster. In addition, the improved foamed sole is also more stable and there is no change in the direction of excessive shaking, which contributes to the safety of the ankle. There is no technology to fill your palms. When you land, your feet feel flat, but for a friend who is pursuing speed, this is enough.







The durability of the outsole is worth appreciating

There is no change in the outsoles of the Jordan CP3.VIII AE compared to the normal version. It is still herringbone, adding a special bulge to the main focus. This design makes it very good grip, high-speed movement. In the process, it will never be delayed. In addition, this evaluation version also uses XDR technology in the outsole, making the outsole more rigid, more wear-resistant, more suitable for rough outdoor venues. In this assessment, we chose outdoor activities. Throughout the testing process, there was no significant wear in the plastics area. I believe this guide has enough capacity to handle intensive summer games.






In order to light up the game, never live up to people’s expectations

The playoffs are very stifling. Hot summer is coming. Everything has shown more crazy performance Jordan CP3.VIII AE was born for this. This is a stable and protected trusted guide. It is also a very positive guide, with high speed and great flexibility; at the same time, it is a comfortable enough guide. Good breathability and flexible packaging. For those who want to play like Paul, Jordan CP3.VIII AE will definitely meet your expectations.

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