Depth Evaluation - Latest Jordan Super Fly - Jordan Real Sneakers

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Lightweight, breathable, is the trend of basketball shoes today, this shoe ensures high performance, but also greatly improves the permeability of leather shoes and the lack of weight. When I got this  Jordan super flying, my previous feeling came back and I secretly sighed. This is a Jordan brand. Its light texture, breathable but without losing texture. The designer balances the three.




  • Powerful package adapts gradually





Because the Jordan Super Fly upper uses a new form of the Hyperfuse upper, this latest model combines the durability of Flyline technology with the breathability of Hyperfuse to achieve a perfect balance, but harder materials must be worn. In order to adapt to this intense oppression, there has been a period of painful adjustment.




The "personality" of Jordan Super Flying is particularly prominent compared to the "mild" feeling of leather sports shoes, but after the running-in period, the author really felt the performance advantage of Jordan Super Flying.








  • Brand new form perfect balance





As we mentioned before, this super Jordan fan’s upper is equipped with the latest Hyperfuse technology, and friends who pass through Flywire sneakers know that due to the protection of the flying line, the designer added one on the outermost layer of the fly line. Floor. TPU protection shell Although this greatly improves the durability of the shoes, this time our protagonist Jordan Super Fly Fly shoes combines the advantages of Hyperfuse in the latest form, both durable and breathable.




The breathability of Jordan Super Fly is even more commendable. At temperatures near 37 degrees, my feet are not warm due to temperature, and my feet become refreshed within two hours. Balance is the best interpretation of the performance of Jordan's top fans. Although the texture and shoes are still worse than one grade, the high performance of the upper is beyond the reach of leather shoes.









  • The lightest aerial work in history





In addition to the strong uppers, Michael Jordan’s super fans are the lightest sneakers in Jordan’s history. Although the weight of 11.5 ounces is not prominent in today's lightweight trend, it is a Jordanian shoe that has always sought texture and meaning. In terms of performance, this is not easy.





In actual combat, I hardly felt the burden of Jordan's super flight on my lap. Every time I take off, it also makes me feel more confident. This is a wonderful feeling. Although light in weight, it is protective. This is incredible.





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