Comprehensive evaluation Air Jordan XX9 Low combat basketball shoes

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I now share with you the actual feeling of Air Adidas XX9 (Jordan 29 for short)






  • 1. The perfect cushioning feel of Flight Plate and Zoom Air



Only the two air chambers of the forefoot cushioning Zoom Air, but with unparalleled comfort feet! The Jordan 29 Low is equipped with Flight Plate (now called FlightSpeed) and Zoom Air, and it is said to be able to rebound and hit the ground after impact so that you can react to the next step more quickly after landing.



It's no wonder that the soles of this pair of shoes are equipped with Phylon cushioning and the specifications are weak at first glance, but Jordan 29 is not afraid either, because the reality is that the comfort of the entire sole is very good.



Fligh Plate is a board hidden under the midsole, which can effectively be rebound impact. Regardless of the introduction, the actual step is very comfortable and flexible!






There is a bridge design between the outer sole and the outer sole of the shoe, which is said to have the effect of balancing the impact of the palms and the back of the palm.






The Zoom Air of the forefoot is clearly visible under the sculpting. It is also the most comfortable Zoom Air configuration I have ever considered.





  • 2. Excellent shoe surface material to create extraordinary coating!




When I wrote CP3.X, I mentioned that his Flyweave texture is very similar to Jordan 29. At the time, it was also called Performance-Woven, and unlike the other Flyknit basketball shoes, there was an excellent package. Coverage, the surface pattern is only Jordan 29 Low exclusive elephant skin pattern.


There is a foam design on the inside of the shoe to enhance the coverage and comfort. Similar to the Flywire-designed FlightWeb shoelace system, the shoelaces can be quickly and effortlessly fixed. Performance-Woven and FlightWeb are a perfect fit.



▼Pretty Performance-Woven Uppers, Coverage is First Class




▼ There is a foam design at the ankle in the shoe to enhance the coverage





  • 3. Excellent grip



Jordan 29 Low's outer bottom is a quite beautiful wavy, rubber outsole in the actual performance is very good, should be able to give 80 minutes or so, the general clean site is quite enough, even in dusty sites There is not much problem with proper wiping. But to say it is better than the recent Crazy Explosive or Harden Vol.1, he feels very close to CP3.X's grip.





Although the Jordan 29 Low and Mid versions are almost identical in configuration, it is said that on Jordan 29, the crystal outsole has a stronger grip than a rubber outsole.


▼ Although the grip is not 100%, Jordan 29 Low is also very good enough




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