Air Jordan 3 OG "Black Cement" - "original" return, is your choice?

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Perhaps the more bloated appearance is slightly different from the current trend, but we still miss the sneakers Michael Jordan is still on the court. Whether it is the second consecutive three consecutive championships or the "ultimate Breguet", or he has embarked on the battlefield, or Jordan himself has never personally brought him into the NBA's shoes, he is now a treasure of basketball fans.



Air Jordan also experienced the "Designer Independent Portal" process at an early stage and "became a mature brand". The history node of this brand is exactly this pair of Air Jordan 3.









Since Air Jordan's first- and second generation designers wanted to leave, Nike also began to worry about the stay of basketball star celebrity spokesman Michael Jordan. Only good design can show the sincerity of Nike to Jordan. At that time, the young designer Tinker Hatfield took office and accepted his own ideas, and improved the design in the process of communicating with Jordan. In the end, Air Jordan 3 did recover Jordan's heart and became the beginning of this legendary basketball brand.




In the first four years, we saw a repeat of "True Blue" and "Fire Red." Today, we often call "Black Cement" and "Black Cement" reprinted and prepared.







It is still a typical lid-type shoebox with classic cracks and a black lid that tells you the owner of the shoe in a very open manner. Open the shoe box and attach the crack-proof moisture-proof paper and classic plastic shoes to the shoes. Be very careful to reflect the brand's intentions.









Say your own shoes. This time, Air Jordan 3 OG “Black Cement” uses almost the same material configuration and components. Grey perforated leather is lined with colors that reflect the overall tone of the sneakers. The black and grey theme highlights the "protagonist" of the toes and heels and is particularly explosive.








Unlike many other versions, the Air Jordan 3 OG "Black Cement" is faithful to the first year apart from color, and it is also very unique. This is also the first year of using the classic Nike Air Mark. 100% recovery. 









Air Jordan 3 OG "Black Cement" is also very flexible because it has a very "gunfire" sneaker feel. Whether it is loose pants + wide hoodies, "classic street" style, or with black / gray jogging pants, all show a good choice for shoes.








This pair of Air Jordan 3 OG "black cement" is filled with historical classic shoes, excellent trend elements and the inner feelings of many old shoe fans, so you have many reasons to buy it. Whether they are on the streets or informal settings, these “black cement” can also be said to “go into the hall and go to the kitchen”. I believe that the old "toes" on this pair of shoes, as well as those who love black shoes, will love this pair of shoes.





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