Air Jordan 13 Retro " Bred" Review, Do you like it?

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AIR JORDAN 13 Retro "Bred" is my favorite generation of AIR JORDAN basketball shoes. His design is always out of tune with the agreed aesthetics, always subverting our views on shoes, and always carrying the most powerful basketball star Big weapons, and the launch of each pair of AIR JORDAN shoes will also touch our nerves, forcing us Go for it. This brought too many unusual projections to Jordan, but also cast the brilliance of AIR JORDAN shoes.






This pair of Air Jordan 13 all-shoe models, the overall streamlined upper design will firmly grasp your heart for the first time, the entire sole is designed to resemble animal paw style. The hologram above the shoe is another distinctive feature of the AJ 13. According to different perspectives, the 23rd or trapezoid logo will flash alternately. This feature has also become a sign of the authenticity of AJ13 shoes in the future.






This double-cut AJ13 is another conscience of NIKE. The thick leather texture on the front of the toes. It is thick, strong and full. The design of the leopard claws made this seemingly bulky shoe clever. Just like the side design of the shoes, many streamlined designs in Leopard's eye background are seamless and smooth. A variety of materials are paired with the entire pair of shoes. The luxury is pleasant, simple and fatal.






The overall shape of the outer sole of the shoe is different from that of all shoes. This is the design of Leopard's claw outsole. The herringbone pattern also makes the grip particularly good. The huge 3/4 carbon plate texture is full of reason and gives you extraordinary stability. Two separate zoom units are placed in front of and behind the palm, and the pressure is different, which gives the wearer an excellent cushion. Performance and an unparalleled sense of location.






The design of hidden shoelaces is another highlight I like. This design reduces the suddenness of the upper surface and brings the shoelace closer to the foot, thus providing better packaging and protection in actual combat.






The appearance of the entire sole embossed a bit of a hurry to the Barkley elephant, but due to the slender relationship of the shoe, this feature is not abrupt, and the application of nylon material reduces the weight of the entire pair of shoes at the same time. More elements provide better toughness.






The overall use of split-type cushion air cushion, and equipped with 3/4 length of carbon steel plate. Plus velvet insole with a more excellent foot, full of elasticity, strong feedback.




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