2018「Laced Up」Air Jordan XXX1 Comprehensive Evaluation, You deserve a pair

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Air Jordan's new style can be said to be the shoes that I look forward to buying every year. The innovation implemented by Jordan Brand is really effective. Next, we will combine some details on the shoes to make a comprehensive performance evaluation




1. Packageability







Air Jordan XXX1 is also a combination of traditional leather and Flyweave high-performance woven material. When it comes to providing high-quality packaging, it is also easy to wear, and you can control flexibility according to your preferences.







In contrast, I prefer the Air Jordan XX9 and XXX shoelace hole designs because most of the support can only come from synthetic leather that supports and stabilizes the shoelace hole. But anyway, this pair of shoes is really suitable. When you are nervous, the upper will be close to your feet, like another layer supporting the skin, almost no accumulation. This is the most comfortable feeling I have been looking for



2. Comfort







Comfort is also very good. The upper knitted part of Flyweave is very good, and the synthetic leather heel is the biggest surprise. It is softer and more comfortable than Nike's previous leather, and it also provides support that fabrics cannot provide. I feel a slight malleability of the upper, and found that the most beautiful part of the upper design is that when the tension occurs, the upper can still be pulled tight.






                           Flyweave upper material


3. Ankle support







Many shoes were locked in the past, but Air Jordan XXX1 makes this concept more futuristic. I often use Zoom Kobe 4's very soft and comfortable collar as a benchmark for ankle control. Since the stability of the heel became a key factor, Zoom Kobe 4 proved very well that this low-top shoe can provide enough ankle support.







Air Jordan XXX1 also adopted the same idea, but it is presented in a completely new way. Instead of completely covering the collar with a cushion, it uses six separate protrusions to protect the ankles and contours. Perhaps this may not provide better locking, but it is even lighter due to the same high-quality lock. This is an area that needs strong support because it is not just a small adjustment. Maybe the past technology is good enough, but in comparison, this finer design will be better. This makes you feel smoother and faster on the court. When combined with forefoot support, it will give you a more stable and safe gaming experience.



4. Cushioning








The FlightPlate technology is a Pebax® cushioning plate with a forefoot Nike Zoom cushion that helps distribute pressure evenly across the entire cushioning plate. It first appeared on the Air Jordan XX8. So far, it is mainly used for multiple parts of the forefoot. Regional air cushion shoes. At this time, the Air Jordan XXX1 is equipped with a fully activated Zoom AIr cushion. At the same time, in order to make Zoom more sensitive, the new FlightSpeed technology was introduced this time.







       FlightSpeed Technical Operation Principle




"More buffering" does not mean that this is a "better buffer." The air cushion feedback of these shoes does not seem to be better than the independent cushioning design. This time, the feedback from the new XXX1 and the previous XX8 to XXX can be said to extend to the entire palm, but I think the buffer settings should not be too focused on the forefoot.






     Heel design ensures safe and enhanced the cushioning experience




The so-called over-buffering is not bad because it reduces overall protection. However, adding such a design comes at a price. The stadium wearing Air Jordan XXX1 feels good, but not many years ago. Balanced cushioning and the feel of the venue are always a challenge. Usually, it will see personal preferences. I believe there will be some players who like the various buffers provided by Air Jordan 31, but Air Jordan XX9 and XXX are not good for me. It has an ideal cushioning design.




5. Grip






Air Jordan XXX1's grip is that it does not require a long run-in period, but what's worse is what you see is what you get. When the outsole of XXX1 is clean, its imitating gecko feet provide very reliable control. Unfortunately, this design easily absorbs dust. Although the competition I participated in is still very clean, I still have to work hard to clean the outsole of the shoes. Therefore, even if the handle is relatively fixed, in order to maintain this characteristic, it is still recommended that you still need to clean the parts that are frequently worn out.






6. K-Conlusion






I also look forward to the performance experience brought by the Air Jordan product line in recent years. This pair of Air Jordan XXX1 fully met my expectations. Although some parts may differ according to personal preferences, in general, these shoes do not have too many key points. Of course, you can also buy some Air Jordan XXX now.


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