2018 Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 Actual Assessment

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For the shoes that have always been extremely demanding, Wei Xiao also finally ushered in their own personal signature boots Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 this season, then this pair of avant-garde and highly anticipated real combat shoes will bring everyone What kind of on-site experience








Behind the simple shape



Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 can be said to be simple enough in terms of overall shape. Even if we used the “Mirror Image” shoe with a fancy colour scheme in this review, we can still clearly recognize that the shoe body is able to be neat and clean. Divided into three parts of the upper, heel and shoe collar. One of the largest areas of the shoe surface seems to be just a smooth material, but in fact, it is hidden under the surface.









After the upper foot, it can directly and strongly feel the feeling of the parcel brought by the part of the shoe body, and the internal structure can firmly lock the front foot. What is surprising is that even the wide-ranging forefoot problem common to Asians is not affected by this pair of shoes. The sense of package is obvious but there is no uncomfortable sense of restraint.








The integrated heel features a contrasting hue design with the front of the shoe body, which is also a special feature in the highlighted heel section. The heel with the CMP (compression-moulded phylon) technique effectively avoids the heel sway in the fierce confrontation. When wearing the experience, whether it is a continuous change of direction, an emergency stop jumper, or a quick start and a breakthrough, it is obvious that the shoes on the feet are firmly attached to the entire foot, and the integrated heel plays a vital role The role.








Simplifying the shoelacing system is the direction in which many basketball shoes are devoted to development. Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 is no exception. The use of a lace-lace buckle and the design of the collar and neck Velcro can not only enable the wearer to achieve quick wear and tear in actual combat evaluation but also can achieve individualized crotch covering effect by adjusting the position of the Velcro. To ensure the safety of the ankle in the fierce confrontation, and not to affect the performance of the game because of too much restraint.









Stability and rebound





Looking back at Wei's rarely used shoes, one can judge that his personal requirements for the midsole were particularly harsh. Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 uses a full-motion Zoom Air cushioning cushion in the cushioning technology. This advanced configuration can be said to be one of the broadest configurations of the actual shoes. In the actual combat process, whether it is to imitate Wei Shao to start toe force, or landing after the rebound, can easily deal with. Obviously, the quick start will not drag on the water. Floor cushioning soft bullet moderate, for the next time to build up energy.







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