2018-Jimmy Butler endorsement --- Jordan Ultra.Fly's actual evaluation, revisit the "Panther" Jordan nickname

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New series New positioning



During Toronto's All-Star game, Jordan Brand brought us a long-lost new basketball shoe series, featuring Jordan Ultra.Fly, a new spokesperson Jimmy Butler. If Super.Fly is a Blake Griffin-type power forward, Ultra.Fly is an all-around small forward who deals with Jimmy Butler. As a brand-new series, it is far from enough to know what it is. What is its performance and what advantages and disadvantages does it have? The current evaluation will be announced for everyone.









Black Panther reproduction


Jordan Ultra.Fly's design inspiration comes from the "black cat", which is Michael Jordan's nickname, more domestic known as the "black cat." This nickname followed him since childhood. After entering the NBA, the nickname praised his agility, grace, and those fatal blows. Today, the nickname was uploaded by a Chicago rookie. In the Ultra.Fly's upper, irregular holes mimic the spots on the black leopard (the panther is actually patterned). Some people like this complicated pattern, like me, but some people don't like it very much. , such as intensive fear patients.







The intricate patterns on the uppers benefit from the Kurim material, which is a brand new material that was previously tested only on the Nike Lebron 13 Elite. Kurim feels like a layer of rubber, with a certain thickness and hardness. In the actual combat process, it showed a very good sense of toughness and wrapping. It felt a bit like a traditional leather upper, but a large area of hollowed-out fabric booties reflected a better sense of being wrapped. The fly in the ointment was in the heel. The support is slightly weaker.






Several of Jordan Brand's collections have their own unique midsole system. Unfortunately, Ultra.Fly is a bit mediocre in this regard. The forefoot uses a 9-chamber, hinged Zoom Air, while the back of the palm is Phylon-filled and has an under-arch support. In the actual combat process, the response of the forefoot is very sensitive, the action at the start is very fast, and the cushioning is normal. Although there is no special design after the palm, the actual feeling is relatively soft, as a small forward with shoes is enough to meet the actual needs.







The wavy lines are used on the outsole, similar to the Air Jordan XX9. The waves run through the entire outsole and are arranged in relatively fine lines. The fineness of these waves in different places has different variations in different areas. This is also a lesson learned from previous generations. The Ultra.Fly's grip was quite good in the evaluation. The actions of an emergency stop and change of direction were very smooth and faced with rapid reactions without delay. Although the outsole is not advertised as an XDR, the durability is fully guaranteed due to the deep and dense texture.




Market segments Make up for vacancies


On the surface, Jordan Ultra.Fly's price is lower than Super.Fly. This is a product of the ongoing market segmentation of the Jordan brand. With Super.Fly's rising prices, it made up for the lack of mid-range combat shoes. While aiming at Jimmy Butler, he played in perfect competition with low-key elite Ultra.Fly and low-key combat elite. Their reputation is not high, but they have never been disappointed in the game, let alone him. The successor to the Chicago Panthers. Jimmy was hurt this season, causing Ultra.Fly to lose some degree of exposure. Only everyone can experience its value. They are expected to perform even better next season.





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