2018 Evaluation - AIR JORDAN XXXII "BANNED" which is both wild and practical

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The AJ 32 " Banned " assessment we brought to you today is the most orthodox color matching in the series.





The first time I saw the feeling of this pair of shoes, the answer can only be described in two words: great!


Of course, the deepest impression is the feeling of the feet and the words that describe them: Comfort!


Although there is no full-foot Boost and Zoom Air feeling, the forefoot "giant" Zoom Air air cushion brings forefoot feedback but can really feel.  The heel position is not as noticeable as the forefoot, but with excellent cushion thickness, you can feel the stairs up and down and simple running and jumping.








# Packing: 9/10#



I must give a high score package. The reason is related to knitting high toughness yarns.
The overall upper is basically made of super-flexible, thick Flyknit fabric. My feet are slim, but behind the feet, we can feel the whole pair of shoes in front of the palm (this way of keeping close to the feet until the feeling of difficulty breathing). It can be imagined how good this kind of coating will be. At the same time, the soft upper also provides a very good bending experience. The degree of flexibility is the highest!






Of course, the unique lace design of the AJ 32 also has an intuitively significant effect on the packaging. It allows everyone to choose their shoelaces more easily based on their packaging needs. Until every inch of Flyknit fits your feet perfectly.






It is worth mentioning that my password for wearing Jordan is 45 yards on weekdays. This pair of AJ 32 is not coded and is well-dressed.  Anyone who wants to buy a compact package must carefully consider before entering the store, try it out for yourself, and then decide!




# Grip power: 7/10#



The excellent grip of a pair of shoes is inseparable from the design of single line and field conditions. However, the AJ 32's special diamond moire pattern provides a great grip!




(AJ 32 shows good grip performance in plastic venues)



Each small rhombus has a corrugated design that connects to the center as if it were stuck on the soles of your feet. It gives you excellent grip and movement in every direction and movement and running. Outdoor venue. It is believed that the performance on a smooth wooden floor is also very good. However, Crystal Rubber Outsole has a more serious natural defect


In general, this Air Jordan 32 " Banned" left me with a very deep impression!




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