2018 Eternal Classic --- Air Jordan 11 Low Bred Reviews

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In 1995, Jordan returned for the first time. He played on the Air Jordan 11 for the first time in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals against O’Neal/Haddawi’s Magic. He was also wearing a No. 45 jersey at the time.


This shoe was debuted in the first year with three colors: Concord black and white, Bred black and red, and white Columbia.







 This summer, the Air Jordan 11 Low Bred appeared before our eyes.







 As we all know, the standard three-color elements of the bull are red, white and black. Bred is the second most used color of Air Jordan (second only to the white/black/white/red color). It is also often used as a matching color in the away field. If black and white colors reflect an orthodox, standard momentum, then black and red have a deep, dark, paranoid beauty. In all fairness, the Air Jordan 11 shoe, white and black color is still the undisputed first match, but this still can not stop everyone's love of black and red color. Therefore, the price of this Air Jordan 11 Low Bred after the sale is also rising all the way.






 The difference with the high-top version is the design of the tail. Since the proportion of patent leather is not changed, the trapeze logo and number of the upper must be reduced. However, the size of the logo is even more refined.






 No change in the soles, crystal bottom + carbon plate combination, this configuration is still used in today's Air Jordan Future and other shoes can be described as two decades.






 As the first shoe to use carbon plate, it has a profound impact on future shoes.






  Fast shoelace design, central 11th generation Air Jordan exclusive word design.






One notable difference with Gao Bang is that the fluttering logo on the side of the tail of the shoe is gone.







After nearly 20 years, this Air Jordan 11 is still avant-garde, comfortable and excellent performance. Air Sole's design makes the shoes clunky but has sufficient cushioning. The addition of carbon fiber board makes the stability more excellent. The patent leather and crystal bottom add a unique highlight to the appearance and cannot be surpassed. In summer, the low-cut style makes the wearer more refreshing.

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