2018 Bloodthirsty Madman - Air Jordan XXXII ”Rosso Corsa”

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Many people know that Jordan had a career Grand Slam in 1988, with the regular season MVP, the All-Star Game MVP, and the best defensive player.


However, few people know that the highest score among the 10 scoring kings in MJ’s career is in the 1986-87 season. In that season, he played 82 games and averaged 37.1 points per game. At the time, he dominated everything on the court. And he is wearing Air Jordan 2 under his feet.






In the summer of 1986, Jordan represented Nike in an exhibition match in Italy, broke the rebound, and shocked everyone, but he did not expect that he would show more bloodthirsty in the NBA season. Perhaps at the moment of his visit to Italy, Michael Jordan's basketball career was“launch” and skyrocketing.






Italy's influence on Michael Jordan is not only on the shoes but also on his personal interests. He loves the Ferrari sports car. The world-famous sports car brand from Maranello, Italy, is obsessed with its bright red color. "Rosso Corsa".






Thirty years later, Jordan picked up Air Jordan 2 that had been stamped and manufactured in Italy for a long time, repainting, improving, Rossi Corsa's bright Ferrari red, new weaving shoe uppers, and Flight speeds power assist boards, resulting in the latest Air Jordan XXXII.






 Air Jordan 2's unique "pleated" shape is fully revealed on the pair of shoes, forming six grooves, representing the experience of Jordan's six crowns. AJ's "X upper" design from the upper to the forefoot is perfectly grafted, as well as the AJ2. The Wings logo continues to be used on the Air Jordan XXXII's tongue, and the word “Bellissima” is concealed inside the insole. It means “very beautiful” in Italian.






All along, Air Jordan is in Nike's shoes are in advance to enjoy the latest technology shoes, the latest Air Jordan XXXII also gave some different feelings, such as thickening Flyknit shoe more plastic.






  • As a real-time shoe ball friend will always ask how to configure?



The answer is that Air Jordan XXXII configuration is really high, built-in 3/4 palm Flightspeed continue to stimulate the maximum air cushion function, under the air space between the front and rear Palm Zoom Air cushion is a small TPU support plate in the midfoot, compared to Air Jordan XXXI's Full palm air cushion, this time the Air Jordan XXXII adjusts for more commonly used Zoom.






Red, red is still the most critical, Rosso Corsa's red is not a bloody red, is a brilliant red, under the fur skin material is more charm



And this brilliant red is not so friendly


Not so accessible


With a hint of arrogance, a hint of wild


Gallop on every field



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