2018 Air Jordan 1 Flyknit review, Do you have a pair?

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As a believer in the field of footwear, Jordan’s gold medal has affected countless passionate young people and it can be determined that for a long time, Jumpman’s logo will continue to glory and become a younger person. Look for light.






With years of vicissitudes, the Jordan brand has gone through a long period of time and has often been criticized in different areas. Fifteen years after Michael Jordan actually left the stadium, the market environment and overall situation faced by the Jordan brand seem to be more complicated. When consumers are clearly pickier, Jordan can "kick off" and redo this. What kind of effort and try?



It is speculated that every Jordan shoe fan will remember the previous generation Flyknit AJ version: Jordan Brand creatively injects the innovative weaving process into the classic AJ and uses the super popular “disabled” and “royal” colors as gimmicks. Not only restored the classic charm of the shoes, but also contains a wealth of creativity.






The weaving process is undoubtedly the most popular vocabulary at the moment. The new fashion it creates is sweeping the trend market. Given that Air Jordan 1  represents the "classic" status of the market and consumers, the integration of the two is obviously quite dangerous. The Jordan brand finally chose to launch this "convergence" magic card - and from the current situation, the effect is still very good.







Jordan Brand injected new colors into the shoes by injecting Flyknit material: Compared with the original Air Jordan 1 leather material, Flyknit has more details and layers. Comfort and simplicity are the same. It can not be ignored to bring about the evolution, even if it is slightly worse than the texture, we can see the Jordanian brand in the innovation and technical application of sincerity.








Fortunately, under the blessings of many classic color combinations, the Flyknit version of the AJ Dynasty was indeed welcomed by the market, while fashionistas put on Jordan's debut for their competitors including Westbrook and other stars. The brand tasted the good taste brought by innovation. The rhythm of time has entered 2018, and there will be more Air Jordan weaving versions unveiled, which undoubtedly deserves attention.




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